Born the second of three sons to John and Ella Briskie in 1961, Brian The Brush was raised in the abandoned subway tunnels beneath Rochester, New York's cultural district. Nutured on a steady diet of 1960's top 40 pop and soul music, Mallo Cups, Royal Crown Cola, Cap'n Crunch cereal and The Addams Family TV show, it was at an early age that young Brian's idiosyncrosies took shape...thus it was determined that this "not-quite-right" boy would most likely grow to become a not-quite-right adult.

With often overlapping careers in advertising, signs and graphics, auto show promoting, custom paint, pinstriping and airbrushing, custom car design, journalism and even professional product endorsements, all of Brian The Brush's endevours have one thing in common; Good design.

Planning a sign project or a world-class car show. Launching a new online company or striping a '58 Buick. Preparing for a lecture or gilding a window. It all boils down to design. And good design is just that...good design.

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