While many of our oldest & dearest friends and clients may disagree; there is more to life than motorcycles. And there's more to paint...dragsters, mailboxes, hoods, tailgates, guitars....if it can be held down long enough for Brian The Brush to paint it, it can be made cooler.

Whether it's the tailgate on your truck, the hood of your Corvette or air cleaner from your Challanger...anything that can be airbrushed, gilded and painted can be made what we like to call "More Yours".





And at Brian The Brush World Headquarters, we put the same care and effort into every project, whether it's a custom painted 30 gallon barrel, a $75,000 drag car, your mailbox or a quarter million dollar piece of printing equipment.

Once you decide on Brian The Brush custom paint services, you can rest assured that not only will your every expectation be exceeded in terms of subject matter, technical excellance and attention to detail...you'll get the things you didn't expect:; hand rubbed finishes, follow up quality assurance, professional care and maintenance assistance.

We know custom paint. We are custom paint.



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