Not that there's anything wrong with investing the long dollar into performance modifications, chrome plating, some trick-of-the-week light options or those iron cross mirrors...but when it all comes together; it's the bikes with the hottest paint jobs that attract attention and garnish all the accolades.

With over 30 years of experience, 100's of bikes under our belt and awards and recognitions too numerous to count...we know custom paint.



And "Custom Paint" doesn't mean "1 of 400". It doesn't mean replicating something you see in a magazine and it's certainly not something that gets sprayed right of the can. Custom paint is just that...custom. One of a kind, unique and created to suit the tastes and needs of a specific client.

As simple as airbrushing something on a fairing or a complete paint job, you can depend on Brian The Brush custom paint services to set you apart from the crowd



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