Panel\'Pane-l\n.1.A seperate or distinct part of a surface: as: (a) a thin, usually rectangular board set in a frame (as in a door). 2. A usually sunken or raised section of a surface, set off by a margin  

From their humble beginnings as "Test Panels" and evolving into an art form unto itself , Panel Art became the custom painter's & automotive artist's way of showing respect for one another when we began exchanging these painted, pinstriped, airbrushed and gilded scraps of aluminum. Accepted as "Art" today, panels often fetch hundreds...even thousands of dollars at charity auto events and "Low Brow/ Kustom Kulture" galleries. 






Today, Brian The Brush finds himself airbrushing, pistriping and gilding two and three dimensional panel art for clients who will display them in recreation rooms, offices, dens, garages and even galleries 

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