I am my father's son.

My love of automobiles, my need to collect things, my funky "do what they want" eyebrows...I got all those freakish genes from my ol' man.

While he collected many things over the years, my dad's passion for his last 25 years or so was swizzle sticks. From bars, restaurants, sporting events, distillers...my father managed to collect and display about 122,000 of them.



Raised on performance and custom cars by a father who was a car nut...my brothers and I were nurtured on car shows and racing. I started collecting Rat Fink, Roth and Weird-Ohs stuff when I was about 12; and now nearly 40 years later, I have a heck of a collection. I was fortunate to get to know Ed through a mutual friend Junior Sammet. Junior was the guy who introduced me to George barris as well, and I was invited to do some paint and graphics work on Barris' "Sweet & Low" (which I convinced them to rename "Nomad'r What"). And then there was David Mann. My wife and I met David and Jacquie Mann at a bike show in the 90's and we just clicked. I would talk to David on the phone about artwork, bikes, life. I miss David and still stay in touch with Jacquie and reminisce. David was one hell of an artist, far beyond his trademark motorcycle art. Then there was a weekend spent hanging out with and going to dinner with Pete "CARtoons" Millar. Needless to say, I count myself fortunate to have actually gotten to know these guys who, along with my dad, were so instrumental in shaping a passion that would become my vocation.

Brian The Brush with George Barris 

BTB and the late Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

More than an influence, David Mann was my friend.




In 1989, I purchased a bulk lot of paints at an auction of an old sign shop in Rochester. Within one of those boxes I found a few old cans of lettering enamels from the 1940's and I was hooked.

Today, I have a sizable and diverse collection of antique and vintage sign supplies; specializing in gilding supplies and tools. 





In 2006 I combined my love of antique sign supplies and history with my friendship with American Sign Museum founder Tod Swormstedt, and I proudly support and serve as a trustee of the museum.



While I only display them (in our dining room) for about four weeks every Christmas, I scour flea markets, garage sales and online sites year 'round for classic 1950's and 60's NAPCO (National Pottery Company) Christmas decorations from Japan. Some are bells, some salt and pepper shakers sets, some candle holders and some are even planters or candy dishes...but they're all gorgeous and highly detailed.





I've always tried to have at least one cool car. I once had a killer Plymouth Station Wagon with a 360 tow package, posi traction and ...a wood grain package. That was "The Clashmobile". I built a really slick '85 T Bird for Paulette back in the early 90's. A '69 302 with a Barry Grant fuel system, 11:1 slugs, nitrous oxide and a 12 gallon fuel cell all in a car that I shaved down to 2,400 pounds...we sold that car in 2011 and it now serves as a drag car, with it's street days behind it. 

Today, I drive a Dodge magnum wagon on a daily basis...but still have my 1966 Plymouth Barracuda with 32,000 original miles on it.

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