"Words on paper, words in books - 
words on TV, words for crooks. 
Words of comfort, words of peace - 
words to make the fighting cease. 
Words to tell you what to do.
Words are working hard for you. 
Eat your words but don't go hungry - 
words have always nearly hung me." 

 Wordy Rappinghood

  The Tom Tom Club

I've had, for as long as I can remember, been a voracious reader as well as a chronic writer. I love the written word. In some ways, I've always been fascinated by the information and emotion that can be delivered with the 26 simple digits we call our alphabet (instrumental in my becoming enamored with the advertising and sign trades).

More importantly, I love the story. I love history and the written documentation it requires. I love telling stories in writing and the challanges of conveying visuals and feelings with the written word.

I love writing more than I love reading.

In my advertsing days, I excelled in the word play of the field. In my various graphic careers, I've written for some of the top trade publications of the sign industry and automotive graphics trades.

From 2004 to 2008, I contributed over a dozen various articles, step-by-steps and series to Sign Business Magazine. I've been published in Sign Builder magazine as well. I started writing a regular, monthly two-page column for Auto Art International magazine in 2008, and continue to do so today. (My column is titled "BRUSHIT", and you can break that down any way you see fit)


Outside of my respective trade journalistic endevours, I'm a frequent contributor to our local newspaper's opinion page (I even recieved a Democrat and Chronicle Golden Pen Award in 1997) and have published several conservative online blogs including Obamalot, Nancy Scares Me, The Mule Pit and my latest and most ambitious project, WipeYourOwnAss.org (see the link at right)


And while I admittedly haven't been devoting the time to it that I should be, I have started my first book, Between The Lines; a collection of life observations, essays, anecdotes and personal road stories. It's basically a book about pinstriping that has very little to do with pinstriping. It revolves around my most essential belief that the only real "truth" lies in mathmatics; and "absolute truth" lying within the straight line.

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